Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I decided to participate in Judy's UFO challenge, and her first Quiltathon has just finished.I have an enormous number of things to work on, but I want to concentrate on fairly simple projects that would be quickly done, and ones that don't need agonising over. There's no sense choosing something that would need lots of thought and puzzling over decisions, I want to just put in some hours of concentrated sewing and really see some progress. That's the delight of the marathons for me, it's more about the actual sewing than the auditioning and doubting and second guessing that plague so much of what I do.

I chose these modified split nine patch blocks, which have their origin here, and a tutorial here. They are insanely simple to sew, and go together very easily- I finished twenty blocks in one night. I decided to finish the Barn Raising version, and this is how far I got, in between all my other numerous work commitments and chores.

The row at the top isn't sewn yet, and I will probably add another row to complete the pattern. It was a good effort, and I wouldn't have stuck at it if it wasn't for the quiltathon motivation.

These seven blocks were already sewn up before I decided on the Barn Raising set and I will cut out extra strips and get  ready to sew some more for next time. I'm all enthused about this pattern again, it's so easy to do.


Sunday, January 08, 2017

Here's another top I finished and didn't blog about.

I can't seem to get a decent photo of this one, and it looks too boring for words. In actual fact it's very soft and pretty, and would look lovely on a bed.

The border is just a simple frame around the outside, very unassuming and in keeping with the softness of the other fabrics. No stars in this top, no "Look at me!" areas, just a sort of subdued prettiness.

 It was a very easy pattern, and the fabrics were all nice, but I just fell a bit out of love with it in the end. Done now!


Saturday, January 07, 2017

 I have a few tops that I finished late last year and never got around to showing them on the blog. This is a green and blue 25 patch, that was meant to use up the remaining fabrics from my Scrappy Mountains quilt, which is quilted but not bound.

(I have this photo of it on the machine, but failed to take one of the quilted finish. I should get on and bind it...)

Typically, in the way of scraps, there are still some left, and I might piece a strip to go in the backing somewhere. The sashing seems very yellow, but in real life it's much paler.

It's very rare for me to be able to use up a bundle of fabric entirely, there always seems to be enough to form the kernel of yet another project. It's a strange alchemy indeed, that scraps beget more scraps and never completely disappear....


Wednesday, January 04, 2017

 Another year begins! 2016 went out with another very unwelcome storm and resultant power failure, this time for 36 hours. It was stinking hot, and very unpleasant while it lasted, and apparently we can expect more failures.

But we have power now and I can sew and have good lighting and make lists on the computer of all that I'm going to achieve this year.There are a number of UFO finishing schemes, and I'm going to try and make a big difference in my numbers. But I do want to start new projects, so I'm not limiting myself in that area, and on New Year's day I started a new quilt so I could begin as I mean to go on.

I keep track of yardage in and out, even though I don't report it on the blog, and I was a bit miffed to see that I added 44 metres to the stash in 2016. A 23 metre order of backing fabrics from Connecting Threads put paid to any hope of finishing in the black, and the madness of festivities meant I couldn't push through some tops that are so close to being done. That means they will be added to this year's finishes, so I could  see some decent numbers soon, with very little effort.

Alas, a nice gift from Keryn  meant that I was 8.5 metres in the red before the first day of the year was over! These will both be backings too, so they'll be very useful.

In fact I think the coral one will be the backing for Bonnie's Garden Party which is now completely done. I was so pleased with how this turned out and hope to get a good photo of it soon.

2017 will be a big year for us, with John and Liz moving house next week and the twins being born and lots of projects on the go. I'm looking forward to it all!


Monday, December 12, 2016

I thought I would have had my Garden Party finished by now, but life is getting so busy that my own projects have been put on the back burner for a while. Once  Christmas is over things should calm down a bit.

I sewed the remaining triangles and added them to the centre so at least that is all in one piece. I've chosen fabrics for the borders and cut them out, so that's ready to go.

Today I trimmed all the triangles around the edge and I'll try to sneak in some sewing, even if it's just one border at a time until I can cross this off the list. It's been such a fun project to do, but I want this finished before the end of the year.

 It's hard to believe that soon we'll be contemplating another year ending and deciding what our goals will be for 2017, gosh this year went quickly!


Saturday, December 03, 2016

First born son John and lovely wife Liz have been thinking about having another child for a while.

Isobel is fascinated by babies, and we all know she will make a great big sister.

I was overjoyed when they told me Liz was pregnant again, but a few weeks later there was more news to share.

Whaat?? Yep, twins. I was flabbergasted, I did not expect that twist of events!

They're due on Isobel's third birthday, but will probably come early. Wow, life is going to be a bit of a whirlwind for a while, but at least Keryn and I won't have to argue over who is going to hold the baby. We can have one each!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I couldn't resist any longer, I decided to focus on the piecing of Bonnie's Garden Party. I was having far too much fun with this pattern, so when I finished a couple of other projects I let myself go and started setting it together.

I pieced a centre square first, and now I'm adding the corners, which cuts down on those horrible long seams that go from one side of the top to the other. It won't be long now until this is in one piece and then I can worry my head about the borders. I think it needs something extra, but I'm not sure exactly what.

I love this part, when you can see it's all working and the end is coming up quickly. So much of my sewing seems to be endlessly slogging away and making slow progress. Soon both my design walls will be empty, and that means deciding on two more projects to attack. It feels good!


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