Saturday, July 15, 2017

My word, life has taken a different turn this year.The twins Mia Grace and Lily Mae, were born on May 11th, nearly three weeks early and weighing 2.6kg each (5 lb 7oz), a good size for twins. They went down to 5lb 2oz and it took them nearly three weeks to return to their birth weight. They also had trouble maintaining their temperature so we were told not to let them cry as it would use up too much of their energy which was obviously needed for other things. They are still on the small side but were doing well until Isobel brought home a nasty cough and fever and passed it on to both babies and me. We haven't had them weighed since but I imagine it will be a setback as they are feeding much less and throwing up some of that because of the coughing.

Mia on the left, Lily on the right
 Mum is breastfeeding during the day and I do one or two feeds at night of expressed milk or formula so that she can get some rest. I had assumed that twins would mean double the work, but I think it's more complicated than that! They are very sensitive to each other's voices- vacuum cleaner no problem, but sister whimpering across the other side of the room, instant waking. Sometimes it's a constant back and forth of settling one, then the other. And they got so used to being held all the time when they were little (to stop the crying which they weren't allowed to do) that their favourite method of sleeping is to be cuddled, all the time.

But I'm soo happy they are both here and healthy,(cold not withstanding) both adorable but very different. You could tell straight away that they weren't identical and their personalities are very different too. Mia is more relaxed and happy, full of smiles and chuckles but Lily is anxious and gets upset more. If Mia gets water on her face in the bath she laughs, spits it out and splashes, Lily cries and has to be comforted and coaxed back to enjoying herself. Mia tells happy little stories and laughs and crinkles up her eyes good humouredly. Lily's stories are tales of woe in a sad little voice, her hands clutched under her chin and her brow wrinkled with worry. I have to admit I identify with Lily more, and when she does smile it's lovely.

Lily, Isobel, Mia.
Isobel adores her sisters and is a big help running and fetching and patting a crying baby. I imagine things will get easier as the babies mature and become a bit more independent, although life will just  be hectic in a different way then. I'm just glad I've been able to be such a big part of their lives; not every grandparent gets that opportunity.


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